Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jobs, jobs everywhere

I've been working a lot. What? I didn't tell you about my job? I'm a VERY part-time leasing agent for an apartment management company. Very different from what I've done in my past. It's nice to dress up a bit and talk to adults for a few hours evere couple of weekends, though.

Today and yesterday, I did a lot of marketing and outreach. I took information and candy around to a bunch of businesses in the area. This was SO far outside of my comfort zone. I learned a lot, but I'm so much happier being at one of the properties where interested people come to me rather than barging into a car dealership and asking if they know where apartment complex X is located and would they pass the word on to any of their employees who may be in the market for a new apartment. I walked out of most of them saying to myself as I left, "God, I am such a TOOL!" It's good for me to learn these skills, I know. I want to be a working artist someday and I'll need to get exposure. I used to be one of those people who feared public speaking more than death, and I spent a year doing Toastmasters to get over myself. What I'm doing now will only make future representation easier. Still, I'm glad I'm done with that part of my job for a while.

SVH got a part-time job, too. He's a contract copy editor for a publishing company or something like that. A friend of ours from college works for said publishing company in Manhattan and has a certain number of these contract editors working under him, and HOORAY, now my husband is one of them. We are really excited and hope that this will lead to further opportunities in this area. SVH is an independent soul, and the more control he has over his working hours and conditions, the happier he'll be.

Blue has become enamoured with her tongue. This is her near-constant expression these days.

I an such a lucky mother to have such a happy baby!

Next episode: The Spring Cleaning Knitting Project List... stay tuned!


Faith said...

Ha!!! That missy needs an agent! She is cuter than the Gerber baby!!!

JustApril said...

GYAH! She's SOOO sweet! I love all the discovery fazes - like "oooo a hand it's so.... handy" =)