Saturday, May 03, 2008

Unfinished Business

I am behind in my Lime and Violet listening, so I only just heard the New Year's Episode in with the Finishalongapalooza was announced. I checked the boards on Ravelry, and it doesn't look like people are keeping up on it too much right now. Still, it's just what I need. So, here is my list of projects on the needles and the plan for them.

Enid - nearly to the armholes! I hope to have this sweater done for this winter.

When will I go into Labor Coasters - I got 3 done, and I'm thinking I'll make a set of 6. So I'm half done. They're an easy quick project. I'd have finished all 6 of them if my IV in the labor room hadn't been in my wrist.

Baby Kimono from Mason-Dixon Knitting - Started it in Moda Dea Dream, decided Blue would end up eating and inhaling fuzz, so I frogged it.

Fetching - I have one done and the cuff of the second started.

Rainy Day Socks - I picked it up again. I'm half way down the first leg. Slow progress, but progress none the less.

My So-Called Scarf - Old project, knit too tightly. I frogged it and the yarn (Lion Brand Landscapes) is now ready to be knit again. I'll probably do this scarf again with larger needles.

Tempting - Remember when I said I was going to frog it? I still haven't. In my mind and heart, it's frogged. I simply haven't physically pulled out the yarn. I need to get on that.

So, there you have it. I'm currently working on Enid and the Rainy Day Socks. And I might have cast on for a felted coffee cup sleeve. That'll be done in about 5 minutes.

I've been writing this post for 3 days now, so I'm not going to put in pictures. Check out the pictures in Ravelry- I'm HyperactiveHands there!

Blue was strongly influenced by Ferris Bueller

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JustApril said...

SO cute! =) Have fun finishing stuff. That many projects at once would have me running around flapping my arms and quacking like a duck. I can't handle the pressure - lol