Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Another Pink Ribbon

Back in my old life, when I didn't share a computer with 4 other adults- one being a student, another being a serious job hunter and the other two being the ones who own the computer and pay for the internet access- I had the breast cancer site as my homepage. Every morning when I arrived at work, I clicked the button.

Now I don't use the computer quite so often (and I miss you guys so much!). I kind of feel like I'm the low man on the totem pole as far as my need for internet access. My free time is a bit limited, too, being the main caretaker of a little one about to start crawling! So I've lagged behind in my clicking for mammograms.

Last week, a school friend from my hometown had a double mastectomy. She can't be more than 34 years old, and was just married last November. She had cancer in both breasts. The good news is, she's cancer free now! They got it all.

It reminded me of the importance of early detection. It also reminded me of how cool these internets can be, since Jill has a care page where people who haven't seen her in 10 years (like me) can drop her a line and let her know they're thinking of her. Sometimes technology is really really good.

Please click here to help fund free mammograms, in honor of a very young and brave woman.


hesira said...

OK, I'm making my appointment.

hesira said...

Yo' you've made my day! Now go tell someone they've made yours. If you dare....