Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A belated happy new year!

So behind... so behind. I finally caught up on reading what all of you have been up to since September. Now I can keep up with my imaginary friends on a more regular basis. The 40+ posts that would come up in my bloglines was a little intimidating...
Last year my new year's resolutions were
1. Have a baby
2. Move back to Minnesota
3. Continue to not smoke*
4. Knit the Enid Cardigan

I accomplished 1-3, and failed miserably on 4. Who knew knitting would make me nauseous in my first trimester? I did eventually cast on, and I've got a sassy 4 inch band knitted so far. I think Enid will make my 2008 list of resolutions, too. Which leads me to...

2008 New Year's Resolutions
1. Be the best mother I know how to be to my little Blue
2. Move out of the in-laws' basement (by June at the absolute latest!)
3. Continue not to smoke*
4. Finish the Enid Cardigan
5. Work on my photography

So that was purely for me... you don't care, but it helps me to have it written down someplace, especially someplace public so I feel a little pressure. Good pressure. You know, like a massage.

Guess what else!? Little Cindy Lou Blue is 4 months old today!

*3 years ago on New Year's Eve I nearly set my head on fire having a casual party cigarette. I had a lock of hair that stood straight up for about 4 months while it grew back. I took it as a sign that even the casual party cigarette isn't for me any longer.

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hesira said...

I'm so glad you're back. Congrats on your resolutions. I'm only trying not to yell at my kids. That's all.

CL Blue is beautiful! Happy Birthday.

Good luck with Enid. I felted my accidentally. Oops!