Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No baby yet

Hello Loves.

My due date is quickly approaching (Thursday, to be exact) and I am still great with child. I was hoping perhaps the contractions I had last night might be the beginning of REAL labor, but alas, they were not. They were just a tease... but they did get me to put the last couple things in the suitcase for the hospital! I think we're ready to go.

I've been tired and rather warm. I find myself often sucked into my Ravelry page, adding in all my completed knitting projects. To find them all, I was going back through my entries here, and I found myself missing the art I used to do before I was so tired and pregnant and trying to get ready for the baby/ find a job/move to MN/pack up my apartment. I miss painting so badly I can barely stand it! I have wanted to see colors blend the way they do on a palette and a canvas since March and I've just not had that divine pleasure. I can almost taste it. That is one thing I so look forward to doing again. I know I won't have the time or the energy for a while, but to know that if I got the chance, I could without worrying that I was going to poison my little one. OH, such bliss.

If I have the energy, I'll be trying to pull my creative life back together again once we've moved. I'm really hoping that whatever job I end up doing will be moving me more toward a creative career. I mean, if it means keeping a roof over our heads and food in our tummies, I can work in science again, but I'm trying to take this new start as a chance to make a bigger change in direction. I'll keep you posted on that one. Maybe I'll be able to have an art project on the blog similar to the one I did last year in September... only it'll be limited by the length of a nap. Sometimes it's good to abandon your perfectionism and churn out the work. It won't happen until after we move (October 1, baby!), but I'm hoping it'll be on the horizon soon after.

Ah, the workday has ended, and I can go home. I want this child really get in touch with gravity. Think downward thoughts for me, won't you?

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JustApril said...

I'll be thinking downward thoughts like this - Down down baby, down like a roller coaster, sweet sweet baby, oh mamma wants to hold ya

lame, I know, but hey, it was on the fly =)