Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lots on the Needles

I've not had a very good attention span lately. And my knitting shows it. These are all "projects" (and I use the term lightly) that I started after the Christmas knitting was done, so Christmas day or later. I call it the ADD gallery...

Clockwise from the upper right: 1 1/2 Fetchings in Baruffa Maratona (a VERY late Christmas present for my patient friend Nicole); a provisional cast-on for Enid in Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, with the swatch in the center; 1 1/3 Fetchings in Knit Picks Swish Superwash (for me); the beginning of a toe-up wee baby sock in some left over purple Dale Baby Ull (for my little bun); and the cuff +1 1/2 pattern repeats of the Rainy Day socks in Austermann Step.

My first priority to finish is the gift Fetchings. I can get it done by the time I have lunch with Nicole on Wednesday. I realize that is not a great feat, but I've been slow.

I've done no art to speak of. I think it's time to begin sketching again. I couldn't even think about it for a while. I began to miss painting so much I could barely stand it, but I learned that oils are a big no-no for pregnant ladies. But I miss drawing, too. My husband and doctor together suggested I begin to work in crayons. So nice when your doctor is as much of a smartass as your husband. Oh well, at least she laughs at the things he says, rather than being totally appalled.

Speaking of that baby in the belly, here's the first of the pregnant profile shots. I'm almost 17 weeks in this picture (just over a week shy of entering my 5th month). I don't think I'll be hiding much anymore, do you?


hesira said...

You look fantastic! It will seem like all of a sudden, BOOM! Baby Belly! I hope you're feeling better these days. It's nice to see all your projects together like that.

JustApril said...

heheheheeee sweet baby bump. You look great, and that's excellent for 5 months.

Lot's of projects going will be good when you are stuck on the couch =) I learned to knit while breast feeding (which is why I love circs, no jabbing ends into fat baby legs, lol)

Love to knit with a baby in my lap. =)

Brooklynne Michelle said...

I love the caston sweater.... I have a couple that are like that.... Made it to cast on and that's it!!!

Ohhh look at your sweet baby bump, this may seem odd but its kinda sexy....


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