Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Rules For Susan

I, Susan, do solemnly swear to live by the following rules:
1. I will not spaz about my gauge before my swatch has even reached 3 inches in length
2. I will not measure my swatch with the needles still in the fabric (Can I get a duh?)
3. I am not the Yarn Harlot. I will do a proper swatch and not claim a sleeve counts. Maybe once I've knitted as much as the Harlot, I can do the same as she.

The gauge is looking much better, and I won't do my final measurements until I've given it a bit of a wash. Honestly, measuring gauge on 2 inches of fabric with the needles still in it...


evilsciencechick said... it wrong to do a swatch that way?


Amanda said...

Hey there - My modified sleeve worked out fairly well, but I'd do it a tad differently if I were doing it again - I started with 50 stitches and knit 4 inches then increased as written every inch all the way up - I think I'd increase every half for a while and then every one until I had the right stitch number and just keep going to the right length. Mine has very little ease to it and I've tried it on over several shirts and deemed it just fine, but it's a skinny sleeve and probably not for everybody.

Winding your yarn - I'm winding your yarn....

Aprilynne said...

Good for you. =)*)

me...not so good