Monday, January 22, 2007


Hi. Me again. Started off the week by vomiting spectacularly. I mostly slept and stared today.

Sometime, I'll start doing things to write about again. For now, about the most I'm capable of is reading The Other Boleyn Girl (nothing like a little tarted up historical fiction, eh?) and watching the DVDs of Firefly. Can anyone tell me why a show that good was canceled?

More when I feel better


Abigail said...

"Can anyone tell me why a show that good was canceled?"

because the people over at FOX are really, really, really, dumb.

Hope you feel better soon!

knitting bandit said...

I enjoyed that book-it was a nice summer read. I put it in one of those clear upright cookbook holders and read it while I knit a log cabin blanket. Hope you feel better soon!

hesira said...

Sorry you're sick. Get better, I miss reading your posts.

I read that book and enjoyed it. It really got me to thinking about Ann Boleyn & Elizabeth. Have you seen the Masterpiece Theater's The Virgin Queen? You might enjoy that after the book.