Saturday, February 23, 2008

You got a title?

Last weekend I turned 33, and I showed my work in an art show at church. It was wonderful to be around art and see what other people were doing, and remind myself of what I had been doing. There were people there with note cards and prints for sale and other such things, but I was there simply to get out there and participate. It was good.

This weekend, I am recovering from the creeping death influenza that Typhoid Gabby brought over here. I'm actually much better, but yesterday I wasn't sure I would survive. Of course, the night before, Blue decided to get up every 2 hours until 4am, after which time she got up every hour. It was painful, but we're all here on the other side. Fortunately, Blue is nursing, so she's getting my antibodies and not getting this awful stuff.

I will write much more thoughtful entries when I have fully recovered. Until I do, you can go over to a new blog that my friend just started. She's the BeesKnees on Ravelry, too. She's writing much more insightful stuff than I'm capable of at the moment. Must go. Blue is rolling all over the place these days... nothing is safe.

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