Saturday, December 16, 2006

The one where I have no pride

As promised, a picture of the gifty Jaywalker socks:

So this morning, I started to feel just the slightest bit of concern about whether I'll get everything done that I want to get done before we leave for Christmas (Friday). I decided that I needed to do something terribly nice for myself to get through. I'd been reading about April (Yes, yes, I'll get to that meme later) having those moments where she just had to follow her gut with her knitting and how doing what felt right rather than what she should do. It actually got her further in what she needed to do than forcing herself would have done. I'm actually not worried about completing my Christmas gifts- the socks are nearly done and the baby sweater should be a breeze- I'm thinking the Christmas cookies might not happen this year. At least, not before Christmas.

So anyway, I decided to do something nice for memememememe! I ran a nice hot bath, made a pot of coffee, lit a bunch of candles and had a bath while listening to Heather Ordover's dulcet tones. I found a really good bathtub iPod set-up where I was unlikely to drop the little thing into the tub with me.

I love knitting podcasts in the tub, don't you?

And I had a friend join me. After trying to sniff the flame on one of the candles, Kouros decided to hang out further away from them.


Dear God, I'm posting pictures of my bathroom. I have really lost it now. Well, as long as I've destroyed any illusion of normalcy, I'll confess that if Sleepy Voiced Husband hadn't awakened and come out to talk to me, I was fixing to eat that last piece of caramel apple pie IN THE TUB. Instead, I ate it while we chatted and before I got in the bath. He saved me from truly bizarre behavior.

Wow. I think I'll go now before I completely embarrass myself (actually, before I embarrass SVH- as I said, I have no pride). I'll answer April's 6 weird things meme later... although I think this post may have provided more than six on its own.



evilsciencechick said...

i was worried that I wouldn't finish, but now it looks like I scrape past the finish line just in time. I'm halfway through my final panta, and I have a lace scarf to block.

of course, I didn't get any knitting done for my in-laws, just my friends and family...but let's just say I planned it that way. they'll get good gifts, just not knitted ones!

Aprilynne said...

glad to help on the guilt free knitting thing =)

hesira said...

I love everything about this post! The pie in the tub (almost) the idea of drinking coffee in the tub, Kouros (great name BTW), and the fact that you used the phrase "fixing to".

The Jaywalkers are looking great!

Pandora said...

Sweeeet my phone can actually see your verificatiom code for once soooo I can comment.....

First off I read your blog nonstop(ya know posting more often wouldn't bother me at allll)

Second off so are you saying that me eating dutch apple crisp ala mode in the tub is weird? So is knitting in the tub? What about drinking a beer in the tub?

Btw this is brooklynne (it won't sign in my blogger mail)